Children's Electric Scooter


Our electric scooter is suitable for children from 3 years old who know how to ride such 3-wheeled simple scooters.A child learns to ride an electric scooter in 10 minutes. The steering wheel is telescopic, the height is adjustable. The minimum height from the ground to the steering wheel is 70cm, and then in 5cm increments it rises to 90cm. The handles and deck are rubberized, nothing slips anywhere, everything is done efficiently and reliably!

kids electric scooter

Material: Aluminum
Wheel Size: Front: 4.5 inch Rear: 3.5 inch
Max. Speed: 6 km / h
Battery: 14.4V / 2.6 AH Li-Ion LG 
WEIGHT: Net Weight: 4.5 kg  Gross Weight: 7 kg
LOAD WEIGHT: Up to 50 kg
SPEED: Up to 6 km / h (electronic limiter)
MOTOR-WHEEL: 80 W, international UL quality certificate
CHARGING TIME: 1-2 hours
AC110-220V, 50-60Hz, 16.8V, 1A

children elctric scooter

Steering in this model is due to the tilt of the steering wheel of the scooter, the wheels themselves turn in the direction of the steering wheel tilt. Attention! The Alien electric scooter has an LG battery with a capacity of 2600mAh!

Principle of operation:

1. Grasp the handlebar with both hands and gently push the scooter forward. When the scooter is turned on, a single beep will sound.

The meaning of the sound signals:

A single beep when smoothly pushing the switched off scooter forward - the power is on.

A single beep at the start of the movement (as on an ordinary scooter - the motor is running, the jogging foot can be put on the deck.

A single beep when pressing the rear mechanical brake - the motor is off.

A repeating beep indicates a low battery level. The scooter battery needs to be charged.

2. While holding the handlebars with both hands, place one foot on the deck and push off with the other to accelerate, just like on a regular scooter. When you hear a single beep, you can put your other foot on the scooter deck.

3. If you need to brake, apply one foot to the rear mechanical brake. Release the brake when the speed drops to the desired level. The scooter will continue moving at the current speed.

4. If you need to stop, apply one foot to the rear mechanical brake. When you hear a single beep, continue to apply the brake until the scooter stops. Get off the scooter for a complete stop.


When the scooter is in operation, step with one foot on the contact area of ​​the scooter deck to turn on the power. If the scooter is stationary for 10 seconds, the power will turn off automatically. The motor will not start if your foot is not on the contact area of ​​the scooter deck. The motor also does not start when the scooter is lifted off the ground. The motor turns on when the driving speed from kicks reaches 6 km / h.

How does our electric transport differ from competitors?
The fact that we do not save on matches, but use really well-developed, high-quality and expensive components! If this is a motor-wheel, then this is a patented motor with an international certificate, if recuperation is declared, then it really works, and so on. When choosing equipment on the market, always be interested in what is installed inside, and whether the declared characteristics and functions work!


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