ScootHop K3- Kids Electric Scooter

  Why choose Scootshop  K3 Electric  Scooter? 1.  Made of aviation aluminum alloy, with non-slip handle 5.  Rear fender brakes stop quickly, ensuring children never lose control 2.  Equipped with...
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Why choose Scootshop  K3 Electric  Scooter?

1.  Made of aviation aluminum alloy, with non-slip handle 5.  Rear fender brakes stop quickly, ensuring children never lose control
2.  Equipped with colorful LED steering wheel lights to add fun to riding 6.  Features easy maneuvering  lean-to-steer technology
3.  Just push 1~3 times with your foot to switch to automatic operation 7.  Easily adjust handlebars to heights between 28.5" - 31.6"
4.  3.1 miles to 4.3 miles at a safe speed of 3.7 mph 8.  Suitable for children from 2 to 10 years old


Professional Scooter Manufacturer, focusing on Electric Kids Scooters for many years. Accompany your children to grow together!


Life needs movement.——Aristotle (384-322 BC)

 Accompanying children to grow up healthily and happily


  • ScootHop Electric Scooter for Kids.

  •  3 Wheel Electric Scooter for Toddlers Girls Boys,Adjustable Height, Lean to Steer.

  • Electric Kick Scooter for Kids with LED Light-up.

Product Function Display

Great as a gift for 2-10 year olds

Material:  Aluminum
Speed Mode: 6KM/H
Battery: 18650 Li-ion Battery Pack
Max. Mileage: 12-20 KM(Depends on Road and Driver’s Weight)
Max. Speed: 6km/h
Max. Load: 50KG
Brake: Mechanical Brake (Foot Brake)
Permissible Gradient(Depends on Your Weight): 5 degree
Battery Capacity: 2 AH
Battery Voltage: 14.4V
Motor Type: Brushless DC Motor
Motor Rated Power: 80W
Max. Motor Rotate Speed: 750R/Min
Motor Rated Voltage: 12V 
Max. Torque: 2.2N.M 
Charging Time: 2H
Waterproof: IPx4 
Climbing Gradient: 5 Degree
Wheel Size: 4.5" PU Tires
Braking Distance: 4M
Product Weight: 4.5kg
Package Weight: 7kg
Product Dimensions: 284*626*724/764/804 mm (Unfold) (Length*Width*Height)
Package Dimensions: 660x210x325mm (Length*Width*Height)
1 K3- KIDS Electric Scooter 1
2 Charging Adapter 1
3 Hexagon Wrench 2
4 User Manual 1

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Question:Is the product structure of the product strong? Will Bolts fall easily?

Answer: It is very strong and the Bolts will not fall off easily. If so, just add screw glue when re-fixing it.

Question:If a 3 year old is driving on this scooter, how should they use the brakes? With their feet facing forward, but the brakes in the back?

Answer: To slow down or brake you need to step on the pad of the rear wheel with one foot for mechanical braking, or simply release the bear's paw button so the vehicle stops slowly automatically.

Question: Small enough to carry around?

Answer: If you want to take the scooter out, you can dismantle the scooter's bar when you go out, and then the kids electric scooter can be put in the trunk of the car, easily dismantled

Question: I have a 4 year old son who never used a scooter would this be suggestable for a beginner?  

Answer: Scoothop kids electric scooter suitable for all children aged 2-8 years. The kids electric scooter has aerospace aluminum alloy with non-slip handles to provide a non-slip and comfortable riding experience for children's small hands. The rear mudguard brakes can stop quickly to ensure that childrens’ never lose control and can always park safely and easily for scooters

Question: My kid is having a hard time turning the scooter. Any tricks?

Answer: ScootHop kids electric scooter features easy maneuvering lean-to-steer technology, which means the mini scooter is controlled by leaning body rather than turning the steering wheel, When you want to turn left, simply let the child's body tilt to the left. This design helps your child develop balance skills, coordination and more.

Question: How long will it take to fully charge?

Answer: Kids electric scooters take 4 hours to fully charge but pay attention to the charging light to change showing it is fully charged then unplug.

Question: Can it be used as a regular scooter if you run out of power

Answer: Hi there, yes, when it run out of power, it will be the same as the regular scooter. Generally, our electric scooter can be used at least one week on a full charge (unless excessive use)! And it may take 1-2 hours for a full charge. Just note that: to start the e-scooter correctly, press the "bear paw" button and slide with a speed. If you want to slow down or brake, just release the "bear paw" button or step on the pad of the rear wheel.

Question: How do you get the wheels to light up? Are they powered by batteries?

Answer: The scoothop electric scooter feature colorful LED turning wheel lights that light up in a variety of flashing colors as you scoot, adding a fun twist to the ride! It does not require battery power.

Question: My son just turned 5. Would this be suitable for a Christmas gift? Ages 2-8 is a very broad range ?

Answer: ScootHop kids electric scooters are definitely the best Christmas gift. No kids will refuse such a cool electric scooter. The electric scooter  features an adjustable handlebar - 3 adjustments, easily adjust the handle bars to heights between 28.5"- 31.6", suitable for your 5-year-old child's height

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