About Scoothop:
Scoothop was founded in 2020, ScootHop names from "Hop on my scooter & Go!". our founder was a mechanical engineer before that, he lived in California, the traffic jam was very annoying, and his life produced a lot of carbon dioxide, which made the environment in his small town very Poor, he likes to go hiking on weekends, where the original atmosphere fascinates him. He started to contact the field of electric vehicles in 2010, but in the process, he found a problem: the price of electric vehicles is very expensive, and it is very troublesome to charge, because not every place will have a charging station.

He wants to do something because he knows that when encountering a problem, he should not choose to avoid it, but to overcome it! It started his exploration of a new type of transportation, he hoped that it could save its cost as much as possible, and be more environmentally friendly so that more people could accept it.

So he founded Scoothop in 2020 and started mass production of our products, and now you can see it on our website and Amazon!

What we do:
We have professional designers who repeatedly sculpt its appearance, design exclusive electric vehicles for each age group, and are committed to creating the best electric vehicles for people of each age group.

Our Mission:
We imagine, design, Make high-quality personal electric vehicles! Develop sustainable lifestyles.


We promise to make up-to-date designs with sustainable materials by providing the best working condition for our beloved staff.

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